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About Alex Alimohammadi

Through painting and sculpture, he defines his feelings and inner emotions. Mental growth is a life time event for him. He was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. After finishing high school he attended several universities in the United States and has a degree in Civil Engineering. Drawing, Painting and Persian Calligraphy have always been part of his life and continue to enhance his artistic inspiration. He believes in challenging himself in learning new ways to express himself in art, be it through brushes and paints, pen and ink, clay or other medium such as stained glass. Not confining himself to a single trend, appears to embolden him to discover new mediums and achievement in portraying his artistic abilities. He has had shows in Florida, San Diego, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Irvine and Los Angeles. His journey through life has taken him to Asia, Europe, and United States. His journey continues to fill his voids with love for the family, art and science.

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